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When temperature and heart rate are not necessary to monitor animal or implantation is not feasible, long behavior can be monitored with the following options.


Monitor animal behavior and activity 24-hours-a-day while obtaining information on circadian rhythms and activity.  For a complete physiological and behavioral picture,  incorporate heart rate, core body temperature, or gross  motor activity monitoring with our E-Mitters.  Our new running wheels are designed specifically to  meet your need to use standard cages and racks and  collect wheel turn data 24/7. The wheels are available  in  11.5 cm and  16.5 cm diameter.  Wheel turns  are readily monitored using the magnetic reed switch.



  •  Stainless steel to eliminate rusting

  •  Bronze bushing for durability and elimination  of squeaking

  •  No tools required for assembly or disassembly

  •  Entire assembly suitable for commercial cage washing

  •  Cost-effective, high-quality commercial grade wheel



  •  are completely contained within the cage

  •  can be filter-top compatible

  •  take up less real estate

  •  offer a lower cost wheel solution

  •  provide enrichment


We also offer a full line of Nalge® running wheels  in 23 cm and 34 cm diameters.




Product   number Description Suggested cage & lid combination *
610-0003-00 4.5"  Running wheel  with switch 660-1284-00  Size  L,  solid bottom mouse cage body  665-1284-00  Wire cage  lid
610-0010-00 7"   Running  wheel with switch 660-2154-00  Size F,  solid bottom mouse cage body  665-2154-00  Wire cage lid

Each running wheel occupies one input of a QA4 ( product # 130-0050-00),  four channel  input module.

*  Cages from other manufacturers  can also be used.



Infrared  Cage Top Motion  Sensor for  Activity Monitoring

Our infrared cage top motion sensor records  movements detected in a given epoch and is  a very low cost activity monitoring solution.   When the subject moves while in view of the motion sensor, activity is recorded.  The number of closures per sampling interval is accumulated  by the DP-24 Data Port and communicated to the  PC when the sample epoch is completed.



Infrared Cage top motion sensor for activity monitoring:


Product   number Description


Motion  detector  system



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